Thursday 21 May 2015

Even MORE leaders!

Hi everyone.

Well, we had a WICKED day at the National Young Leaders Day (NYLD) Conference yesterday - but one of our PR Councillors will fill you in about that, next week.

Today, however, we had a Leadership Assembly and boy do our councillors ROCK!

Daniel and Romeo were wonderful MC's for the assembly; Anihira, Kirstie, Cole and Tara handed out certificates; Mel filled us in about the Heart Foundation and presented them with a donation; Mere did a really inspiring speech on what it is to be a leader.

I am so proud of each of these students - well done!

At this assembly we had some exciting news:
*We announced another addition to our Student Councillor whanau: Dre (Room 1). Well done, Dre!
*We acknowledged out Kapahaka and Pasifika leaders: Glory (Room 1), Peyton (Room 1), Wytalia (Room 10), Nathan (Room 1), Kataraina (Room 20), and Justin (Room 1)
*We announced our Head Boy and Head Girl for 2015. These are Cole (Room 1) and Mere (Room 8).

Well done everyone!

Our Head Girl (Mere) and Head Boy (Cole)

New additions to our Leader whanau

- Written by Miss Wheeler

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