Wednesday 20 May 2015


Mud, mud and MORE mud. This is just one of the many activities that we did at Leadership Camp out at Camp Adair, Hunua.

We arrived on Thursday morning, many of us were jumping out of our seats excited about what was waiting for us beyond our village.

Activity One: Team Building
Throughout this activity, each group was challenged to complete each task with the resources supplied.

Activity Two: Initiatives
Here we had to work together as a group to problem solve through different tasks - such as the spider web, climbing wall, balancing on a unbalanced pole and balancing a seesaw plank.

Activity Three: Confidence Course
MUUUUDDDD. The three groups were challenged to do different obstacles and at the same time get REALLY MUDDDDY! While it was really disgusting, we all helped our team mates through and even the teachers got involved!

Written by- Tara

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