Thursday 30 April 2015

What kind of leaders are we?

This week has been about getting to know each other as leaders.

On Thursday, the leaders of the school (councillors, ambassadors, Pasifika, Kapahaka, ICT, sports) met up and did some team building to see how we would do with people we don't know. The councillors lead the activities, with things like a human knot and building a human pyramid. It went really well, scores here and there, but we managed to complete the activities. 

Today, we met up again to talk about camp and really get to know the other leaders in the school. We talked to someone that we didn't know too well and found out what their role is in the school, and one interesting thing about them. Then we introduced them to the rest of the group. After this we were given random shields but when we finish they will be our leadership shields. 

Written by Daniel Hefa,
Student Councillor.

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Term 2 & ANZAC Spirit

It is great to be back here at school and boy has it been quite a busy few days.
Some of the Student Councillors have been involved in preparing for the ANZAC Day Memorial which was held, at GIS, on Monday 20th April. The memorial was a great success! We even created a Field of Remembrance, with white crosses, to commemorate those who had fallen. During out memorial service, Cole and Romeo were flag bearers while Mere and Mel read some poems and Mel also sang a beautiful rendition of "Amazing Grace".

Up & Coming Events:
So another thing that the Councillors have been up to is preparing for a big event which is leadership camp, which is going to be held on May 7th - 8th at Camp Adair in Hunua. Here the Student Councillors, Class Ambassadors and other leaders from different cultural groups etc, will be put out of their comfort zone and do extreme, outdoor activities such as: the Confidence Course, team building activities, the “Giant Ladder”, the Pampa Pole, the Rambo Bridge and many more. So be looking forward to a blog update soon after to see what different activities the leaders have been up to.

Written by Mel Quitaleg.

A note from Miss Wheeler - leaders, please make sure you get your camp forms back asap! Camp is only a couple of weeks away and we have a lot of organising to do!