Friday 19 June 2015

Dream Team 2015

As part of the Sir Peter Blake Leadership Trust, we were lucky enough to have a visit from a Dream Team leader this week.

Storm Fuimaono from Coca-Cola NZ popped in on Tuesday morning to meet with the 31 school leaders. She shared her inspiring story with us about the experiences she had growing up to where she is today. 

Lessons we learnt from Storm:
1. Put in the mahi. 
A leader does not shy away from hard work - determine what it is you want and work, work, work your way towards it! Sometimes this means thinking outside the box, or taking your own lead. Storm did this by learning the systems at Coca-cola so she could move up the ladder.

2. Check your influences.
You become who you spend your time with - for this reason, surround yourself with people that you respect, admire and people who inspire you! 

3. Find your direction.
By the time you have finished school, you might not have figured out what your path is - this is okay! Research, keep an open mind and explore your talents.

Thanks for coming and visiting us Storm!
- GIS Leaders