Sunday 19 July 2015

What's the latest?

Recap of last term:
Term 2 has been both chaotic and amazing for all the leaders. We started off the term with Camp Adair. We had challenge ourselves and supported everyone in our team. Our Head Boy (Cole) and our Head girl (Mere) were announced as well. Towards the end of the term, we were visited by Storm from Coca-Cola and Shona from Westpac. They talked to us about their life growing up and gave up advice on how to be a better leader. We can’t wait to see what opportunities term 3 is going to bring us.

Dream Team
As noted above, we were so lucky to have a second visit from the Sir Peter Blake Trust Dream Team. This time, Shona from Westpac came to see us and share her stories and experiences in becoming the leader she is today.

Lessons learnt from Shona:
1. Be YOU - be authentic and true to your own personality and values. You don't need to try and fit the mould, or be someone that other people want. Stick to your own beliefs and be yourself, you will go much further if you do!

2. Be TRUE - Find something! Something that you have passion and fire for! And just like the point above, be true by being you!

3. Ignore the NOISE - when you find it, stick to it. Ignore the people telling you that you can't, because you CAN.

Thanks so much for coming in Shona, you were so inspirational! Check out our awesome photos below.

Westpac Young Leader Award
Another exciting event, right at the end of Term 3 was that one of our young leaders at GIS was recognised for their hard work, positive attitude and leadership capabilities.

Westpac came in to our school assembly, and after a lovely speech from Mrs. Chalmers, they presented our Head Boy - Cole with a Young Leader Award! Well done Cole, we are so proud of you!

Now, bring on Term 3!

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