Sunday, 15 March 2015


On Friday last week we announced our class ambassadors. This is a role that many students vied for - going through role plays, applications as well as presentations to the class. After a class vote, an ambassador is selected.

This person takes on the voice of their class - they are a positive role model, complete leadership lessons and make sure the students opinions and ideas are heard at school.

I welcome the following 13 students to our leadership group!

Room 1              Justin
Room 2              Abigail
Room 3              Steffi
Room 4              Zane
Room 5              Daniel
Room 7              Nadia
Room 8              Ellen
Room 9              Jeraslav
Room 10            Aizal
Room 11            Trizon
Room 18            William
Room 20            Luke
Room 21            Lloyd  

Written by Miss Wheeler


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